CM City: Faroe Islands

Vital Facts and Numbers

Country: Kingdom of Denmark
Capital City: Tórshavn
Currency: Danish krone
Dialling Code: +298
Emergency Number: 112

Where To Stay

Hotel Foroyar (Tórshavn)
Perched high on a hill, this hotel has a grass-covered roof and offers modern, light-filled rooms with sweeping views of the world’s smallest capital city, Tórshavn, and its harbour.

Foroyar 3Hotel FøroyarForoyar 4Foroyar 11
Address: 45 Oyggjarvegur, Tórshavn 100, Faroe Islands
Telephone: +298 317500

Leisure Pearl (Leynar)
Located in Leynar, 25kms from the capital, this beautifully restored 1920s beach house offers modern kitchen and bathroom, stone floors, panoramic mountain and water views and complete privacy. Enjoy a soak in the outdoor hot tub by the sea as a campfire crackles nearby.

Pearl 3Pearl 5Pearl 2
Address: Niðri við Strond, Leynar, Faroe Islands

Hotel Hafnia (Tórshavn)
Located in the heart of the city, this hotel offers cosy, turf-roofed cottages with timber interiors, or smart, modern hotel rooms, including some rooms dedicated to people who suffer from allergies.

Hafnia 2Hafnia 3Hafnia 8Hafnia 5Hafnia 7
Address: 4-10 Aarvegur, 110, Faroe Islands
Telephone: +298 313233


Where To Eat

Etika (Tórshavn)
For a region that’s famous for its seafood, particularly its salmon, this is the only sushi restaurant in the Faroe Islands and this smart, bustling locale certainly lives up to expectations.

EtikaEtika 1Etika 2
Address: 3 Áarvegur, Tórshavn 100, Faroe Islands
Telephone: +298 319319

Ræst (Tórshavn)
An elegant eatery devoted to fermentation. There are four basic tastes, sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. This restaurant celebrates the fifth taste, known in Japanese as Umami, which essentially refers to the flavour created by fermenting protein, commonly found in foods like parmesan cheese and Japanese miso. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the blood pancake and dry aged cod.

Raest 5Raest 3Raest 1.png
Address: 8 Gongin, Tórshavn 100, Faroe Islands
Telephone: +298 411430

KOKS (Tórshavn)
This Michelin-starred restaurant is dedicated to innovative, seasonal Faroese cuisine using locally sourced produce. Expect the unexpected, like puffin and fermented ræst meat, served in plush surroundings with high ceilings and splendid water views.

Koks 4Koks 6Koks 5Koks 2
Address: Í Geilini 13, Tórshavn 175, Faroe Islands
Telephone: +298 333999

What To Do

A slice of history in the middle of Tórshavn. Explore the historic location of the Faroese government, a hotch-potch of ancient, bright red buildings with turf roofs, dating back to 900. It’s considered one of the world’s oldest parliamentary meeting places.

Tinganes 1Tinganes 3Tinganes 5
Address: Tinganes, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

National Museum of the Faroe Islands
Thoughtful and fascinating exhibits celebrating and preserving the Faroe Islands’ culture and history, including the Viking Ages and the Middle Ages. The most prized exhibits include the medieval pew ends from the 12th-century Saint Olav’s church at Kirkjubøur.

Museum 2Museum 3Museum 4
Address: 6 Brekkutún, Hoyvík 188, Faroe Islands
Telephone: +298 340500

With The Family

RIB 62
This 18-island archipelago is renowned for its dramatic, remote landscapes, and what better way to experience them then from the water. This group offer a range of sightseeing tours where you can enjoy sheer cliffs, cave swimming and bird watching.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.26.46Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.26.29Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 12.14.11.png
Address: 2 Bakkavegur, Velbastaður 176, Faroe Islands
Phone: +298 566262

Mulafossur Waterfall
A spectacular village and coastal walk with a dramatic waterfall, conveniently located close to the airport, so it’s an ideal place to stop soon after you arrive to really get into the spirit of the Faroes.

Waterfall 2
Address: Gásadalur, Vágar Island, Faroe Islands

On Business
The economy of the Faroe Islands is heavily dependent on fishing, accounting for 95% of exports and half of GDP. Stamps and ships are the other key exports for the region. Main industries are fishing, fish processing, fish farming, small ship repair and refurbishment and handicrafts.

The Faroe Islands economy has experienced significant growth since 2011 due to increases in fish prices, salmon farming and larger ocean catches. Unemployment is low and the standard of living is similar to that of Denmark. The population of the Faroe Islands is 50,030.

Tórshavn Tourist Information Centre
Address: 17 Niels Finsens gøta, Tórshavn, Streymoy 100, Faroe Islands
Phone: +298 302425

Thinking about planning a meeting, event or conference in the Faroe Islands, or in any other part of the world? We’d love to help. Please drop the Caxton Manor team a line.


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