Greater than the sum of our parts

Caxton Manor delivers event projects globally and as a team we consider ourselves citizens of the planet. We are proud to celebrate diversity and inclusion in everything that we do and wherever we are. Our team includes British people with African, Filipino and Pakistani descent. We are Muslims, Christians and atheists – and we all work together beautifully.


We believe that our differences make us stronger. We love the work that we do because we get to travel the world and dive into different cultures, becoming better people in the process. Within our team, we respect each other and ensure we’re all treated as equals. We love and respect ourselves, our beliefs and backgrounds, as well as the paths that have led each of us to where we find ourselves today.

This ethos underpins everything that we do. And that’s why we’re leaders in our field, able to deliver complex, memorable events for our clients in all corners of the globe.

It’s true, we live in uncertain times. We feel that right now it’s important to reflect on these values. As a company, we want to move forward as one, celebrating our similarities and differences. Success isn’t just about surviving, but thriving; and we do better when we all thrive together. This is what success means to us.



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