Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Take fine dining to new heights with The Soneva Kiri Resort’s Treepod Dining. Guests enjoy their meal inside of a bamboo pod, which once they enter, is gently raised up into the air. Diners enjoy their meal amongst the tropical foliage of the Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest, with views of the boulder covered shoreline and gentle waves.


The Soneva Kiri resort is on the remote Thai island Kood, and set amongst the lush tropical rainforest of the region. The resort was inspired by the free spirited nature of childhood and a desire to climb high up into the trees and take shelter in a simple wooden construction, when designing their Treepod Dining experience.


Treepod Dining is perfect for an ambient romantic dinner or a long lazy lunch, all amongst the treetops. The pods are approximately 16 feet, or 5 metres, above the ground, built with large wooden frames wrapped in rattan and can accommodate four diners. All foods and drinks are brought to the table by waiters harnessed to zip lines.



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