To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

Samoa is a delightful island, home to many beautiful and unique destinations. One example of this is the To Sua Ocean Trench. The trench is located in the Lotofaga village on the southern coast of Upolu island.


The To Sua Ocean Trench, literally meaning ‘big hole’, was formed when volcanic eruptions in the island caused much of the ground to fall away leaving behind a 98 foot hole. A series of canals connect the pool to the South Pacific Ocean, ensuring that the hole never dries out. The trench sits in a gorgeous park with lush gardens, stunning cliff top views, sea arches, rock pools and an abundance of tropical fish. There are also wooden fales to protect people from the sun and form an idealic picnic spot. There are benches spread through the park and toilet facilities.


To access the water, visitors have to climb down a ladder, onto a wooden platform, both of which can be quite slippery. Many describe the ladder as fairly intimidating on first glance due to its depth but can be tackled as long as you climb up and down at a slow pace, and wear shoes to improve your grip. Whilst there are many who find the climb too intimidating to tackle, those who do describe the pool as fantastic, “crystal clear waters, tropical fish, a smooth white sandy bottom and water droplets falling from the overhanging arches all create living magic.”


Dont worry about not climbing down into the trench, as the lava pools are much easier to access and are a great source of fun. The water is warmer than that in the trench and is right by the sea. Be warned however, the surfaces are sharp around the water so be cautious .

To protect the site and ensure the safety of people who use the pool, visitors are charged to enter the park the pool is set in. Adults pay £10 and children pay £3.85, and anyone under the age of seven can swim for free. The best time to visit is between May and November during the dry season. There are also a range of Samoan festivals that take place during this time of year.



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