Sublimotion, Spain

At £1,210 per head, Sublimotion is the most expensive restaurant in the world or the “cheapest life-changing experience anyone can have.” The futuristic ‘gastro sensory adventure’ is in Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel, with a kitchen led by two michelin star chef Paco Roncero, affectionally referred to Spain’s Heston Blumenthal.


The restaurant’s appeal is not just in the quality of its food, but also the theatrics of the meal. Tom Bryant, a Mirror journalist, described a waitress dressed as an air hostess, ‘a small Willy Wonka-esque man’ who speaks ‘in a hushed Spanish dialect’ and a small box, with components for a Bloody Mary that ‘inexplicably begins bubbling’ when mixed together.


The restaurant, described by some critics as ‘Disney on acid’, can fit only 12 people at once, all on one large table, decorated with 360 degree projections on the walls, floor, table and chairs. The technology is very impressive. This is all controlled by an operator who watches the diners and changes the scene to match the course and the mood, as according to one of the Roncero’s sous chefs “eating on a beach is not the same as eating in a field.”


Chef Roncero spoke about the restaurant’s design saying “There are probably 100 people involved in the creative and production process. Our main space — or capsule,contains more technological infrastructure than many large-scale music venues.” He also went on to add “We dont see ourselves as a restaurant. We play with emotions, the senses, the set, the aromas, and the taste to be able to create absolutely unique experiences with each scene.







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