Longitude 131, Australia

Longitude 131 is a wilderness resort, located in the heart of the Australian outback, designed to encourage a relaxed, expedition-style feel. Due to its incomparable location, the resort has incredible views of the World Heritage listed wilderness of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The National Park covers approximately 311,000 acres, and is home to one of Australia’s most recognisable natural icons and one of the world’s largest monoliths – Uluru (Ayers Rock).


The Red Centre in the Northern Territory of Australia, where the resort is located, is rich in Aboriginal culture. Guests at the resort can explore the Anangu culture and the stories of the traditional custodians of the lands. Guests can also visit the Mulgara Gallery where they can enjoy authentic Aboriginal art and meet the artist in residence. The gallery offers a unique perspective into Australian and Indigenous arts, crafts and tribal instruments.


The resort has 15 luxurious tents that perfectly compliment the natural environment and provide the perfect place to rest, relax and refresh. Each guests starts their day with their own private view of the sun rising over Uluru, and end it with a magical view of the Southern sky, endlessly sparkling in the desert sky.


It would be a waste of time to travel all the way to the Australian outback, without truly taking the chance to explore the Australian outback. There is an extensive wilderness tour on option for guests at Longitude 131, with a variety of bespoke options available  for those looking for a custom and personalised itinerary.


Guests can explore the stunning Kantju Gorge and witness the gorge walls ablaze with light from the setting sun, filled with vivid colours. Kantju Gorge has always been a place of quiet, and in keeping in local customs, this is respected when visited. Whilst humans are expected to respect the silence, animals do not, and the gorge is filled with the sound of birds, frogs and other insects that come out at night. The Mutitjulu Waterhole is home to a range of cave paintings and other sites relevant to early explorers.


One of the big surprises of the Australian outback is just how green it can be. There are over 416 species of native plants in the National Park alone. Less surprisingly, there is also an incredible range of animals that live in the outback. 21 species of native mammals, 178 bird species, 73 reptile species and thousands of invertebrate species call the desert home.


There aren’t just natural wonders worth exploring, but also some man made ones. Artist Bruce Munro’s internationally acclaimed installation, Field of Light, is a transformative experience. The installation has appeared in a variety of forms in the UK, US and Mexico, before being set up in Australia. It is made up of 50,000 bud like stems crowned with frosted glass spheres. The installation will exhibited until April 2017.


This is just a glimpse of the activities on offer to participate in and locations to explore whilst staying at Longitude 131. There are guided hikes through the Uluru base walk or Valley of the Winds Circuit at Kata Tjuta. There are  bush tucker tours, day trips to Kings Canyon or helicopter tours. Guests can hop on the back of a Harley-Davidson, a mountain bike or a Camel to explore the region. Alternatively, relax in the Red Ochre Spa, and take advantage of their professional spa therapies.

Longitude 131, Australia


We’ve talked about where you’re sleeping and what you can do, but what about what you’re going to eat? Longitude 131 offers a fusion of modern and indigenous Australian flavours, from the kitchen of Executive Chef Sara Rezgui. Her journey to the Australian outback from her home of Sweden took her across a variety of countries and culinary experiences. She has worked in Belgium, England, Myanmar and Bhutan, amongst others. Diners can choose to eat in Dune House, the resort’s restaurant or under the stars at Table 131. Or alternatively, if you want a little privacy or would like to mark a special occasion, there is an option for private dining available on the dune top or poolside.


Longitude 131 truly is a slice of heaven on Earth!


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