Heavenly Rembrandt, The Netherlands

Heavenly Rembrandt is one of the most exclusive dining experiences in the world. Once a year, members of the public have the opportunity to enjoy a remarkable dinner surrounded by original works of art by Holland’s most famous painter, Rembrandt, provided by the Rembrandt House Museum.


For 4 days this year (28th September – 1st October) the Rembrandt Tower Boardroom will be turned into a cultural restaurant. A team of celebrated star Chefs will prepare a 5 course dinner, with stunning views of Amsterdam from the 32nd floor. At 150m high, this is the highest point in the city. The menu is inspired by the paintings, etchings and landscapes of Rembrandt.


Heavenly Rembrandt is a true marriage of culture and cuisine. The works of art on display are provided by the Rembrandt House Museum, accompanied by a curator from the institution who gives a short lecture on the pieces.


Michelin star Chef Wilco Berends was the guest chef in 2014, and spoke about the opportunity after receiving the news, “I consider it a great honour to be able to serve my five courses, among such cultural treasures at this unique sky-high location with breathtaking views. When I presented some of the courses recently, the feedback was extremely positive and I know that ‘Heavenly Rembrandt’ will offer a truly unforgettable cultural and culinary experience.”


It will be possible to book a reservation from the 2nd of June on their website. However, spaces will fill up fast, so you must be quick!



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