CM City: Amman


Vital Facts and Numbers
Country: Jordan
Currency: Jordanian Dinar
Dialling Code: +962 6
Emergency Number: 911

Where To Stay

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea
… for an oasis of tranquility on the northern shores of the dead sea, designed like a traditional village nestled in lush gardens, at the lowest point on Earth.


Address: Dead Sea Road, Amman 11180, Jordan
Telephone: +962 5 356 1111

Four Seasons Hotel Amman
… for a hotel that sits right at the top of the highest of Amman’s famous seven hills, with modern amenities that hope to redefine quality and excellence


Address: 5th Circle, Al-Kindi Street, Amman 11118, Jordan
Telephone: +962 6 550 5555

InterContinental Amman
… for modern luxury ideally placed within walking distance of the old city centre and a short drive from the Citadel


Address: Islamic College Street, Amman 11180, Jordan
Telephone: +962 6 464 1361

Where To Eat

Fakhr El-Din
… for a meal at one the city’s more well known restaurant, the place everyone will recommend

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Address: Jabal Amman, 2nd Circle
Telephone: +962 6 465 2399

Sufra Restaurant
… for authentic Jordanian food made to the highest quality

Sufra Patio452515

Address: Sufra Restaurant, Al Rainbow St 26, Amman 11181, Jordan
Telephone: +962 6 461 1469

Kan Zaman Restaurant
… for authentic oriental and local cuisine garnished with forgotten flavours on an impressive 19th century estate, dating back to Ottoman rule.


Address: Airport Road, Mirage Village, Exit 4R, Amman 11180, Jordan
Telephone: +962 6 412 3838

What To Do

Royal Automobile Museum
… for a chance to enjoy a rare collection of Jordan’s vehicles, from cars imported by the late King Hussein in 1916 to today. The museum also has the rover used in Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’ as a thank you for the hospitality Jordan showed the movie’s cast and crew. A fun way to learn about the history of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


Address: Al Madina At Tibbiyya, Amman, Jordan
Telephone: +962 6 541 1392

Amman Citadel
… for a chance to explore Jordan’s long history of occupation by many great civilisations, with Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad buildings still visible.


Address: Swifiah, Amman, Jordan
Telephone: +962 7 7759 7093

Hot Air Balloon Wadi Rum Tour
… for a bird’s eye view of the beautiful scenery of the majestic Wadi Rum

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 17.20.13site_1377_0024-750-0-20151105113530

Address: King Hussein International Airport, Aqaba77110, Jordan
Telephone: +962 7 9730 0299

With The Family

Hakawati Books and Art
… for a comprehensive collection of Arabic, English and French children’s books with a host of distinguished local authors, artists and storytellers, and ongoing activities that promote cultural diversity by integrating different languages, hosting various arts and crafts projects and exploring a myriad of international traditions.

DSC01810DSC01804 (1)

Address: Mecca Street, POBox 941139 Amman 11194 Jordan
Telephone: +962 6 5561 466

On Business

Amman was named alongside Doha and Dubai as favoured hubs for multinational companies working in the Middle East and North Africa. FDI Magazine chose Amman as the Middle Eastern city with the most potential to be a leader in the region’s foreign direct investment. It is easy to see why. Since 2003, a significant portion of business flowed into Jordan.

Amman’s skyline is being continuously transformed through the emergence of new projects. Rubicon Group Holding and Maktoob are major regional information and technological companies based in Amman. Hikma Pharmaceuticals, one of the Middle East’s largest pharmaceutical companies and Aramex, the Middle East’s largest investment banks have offices in Amman, alongside large international companies such as Standard Chartered, Société General and Citibank.

Amman’s banking centre is one of the principle foundations of Jordan’s economy. Despite the regional turmoil  brought about by the Arab Spring, Amman’s banking centre maintained growth in 2014. Amman is home to the International Arab Bank, one of the Middle East’s largest financial institutions, with over 600 branches in over 30 countries in 5 continents.

Amman also benefits largely from tourism, medical and traditional. Amman is the fourth most visited city Arab city, and the ninth highest recipient of international visitor spending. In 2011, approximately 1.8 million tourists visited Amman, spending $1.3 billion in the city. There are also over 250,000 foreign patients coming to Amman per year, spending $1 billion annually.

Central Tourist Office
Near the entrance to the Roman Ampitheatre
Open daily from 0900-1900
Address: Al Mudaraj, Amman, Jordan
Telephone: +962 6 464 6264


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