Hotel Endsleigh, England

Hotel Endsleigh, Devon

Banké, Josie and Bola recently spent a wonderful weekend in Devon for a trip that was equal parts work and pleasure.

Whilst away, they stayed in the beautiful Hotel Endsleigh, a Grade I historic house set in 100 acres of fairytale woodlands, follies and grottos. The hotel was purchased and restored by Olga Polizzi in 2005 who added a touch of luxury to the already incredible 18 bedroom hotel hidden on the edge of Dartmoor.


Each room in Hotel Endsleigh is unique. The Repton and Bedford rooms are large double rooms with fantastic views of the hotel’s gardens. Even their classic rooms are a refreshingly stylish take on a double room, with beautiful furnishings and in some cases equally incredible garden views.

Hotel Endsleigh places an emphasis on creating Suites that feel like homes, be it for a couple, or a family with young children.


“If ever a hotel were built in paradise it would be like Endsleigh – a fairytale cottage set in an Arcadian landscape with delicious food and blissful rooms.  I love it and envy that sublime landscape – the perfect opportunity to step back in time to a graceful age.” Alan Titchmarsh.

The only thing more beautiful than the rooms at Hotel Endsleigh are the hotel’s grounds. The gardens, which overlook the River Tamar, are set amongst 108 acres of woodland, follies and grottos created by Humphrey Repton 200 years ago.

Just outside the house are formal gardens that run down the river. There is a dell with little bridges crossing streams, huge Gunnera leaves and wonderful picnic spots. Beyond that is the arboretum which is home to unusual trees from around the world.


Whilst at Hotel Endsleigh, Banké, Josie and Bola had a lot to eat, a lot more than they cared to admit! They enjoyed a lovely breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner everyday. A particular highlight was the Eggs Benedict with Avocado served at breakfast and the absolutely stunning clotted cream served at tea. The clotted cream was so good it was combined with everything from scones to sandwiches.


The girls loved their time in Hotel Endsleigh. On the warmer days they were able to enjoy the beauty of the grounds and on colder days, they simply asked for the log fires to be lit in one of the hotel’s common areas, and enjoyed one of the many board games on offer at Hotel Endsleigh.


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