Highlight of the Week

#IfCarlsbergDid Chocolate Bars

The build up to the bank holiday was very chocolatey for those lucky enough to make their way to the Truman Brewery.


The Danish brewing company constructed an edible pub in Shoreditch, made entirely out of chocolate. The pop up initially appeared as a large chocolate bar, but once unwrapped unveiled a pub three metres high, five metres wide and two metres deep. The chocolate pub had chocolate bar stools, a chocolate dartboard and a chocolate TV, showing one of our greatest World Cup moments.

The pub, at the Truman Brewery, opened to members of the public on Wednesday the 23rd of March, who were treated to a complimentary half pint of ice cold carlsberg served in a bespoke milk chocolate glass.


Constructing the bar took three months, nearly half a tonne of chocolate and was designed by chocolate sculptor and food artist Prudence Staite.

Carlsberg UK’s senior brand manager, Dharmesh Rana, said: “Easter is a big beer-drinking occasion for our consumers and this year, we wanted to do something a bit different. We knew that the British public love beer and chocolate, so we’re delighted to bring them together to create probably the best bar there could be”.


She also added “We pride ourselves in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, and by creating a world-first chocolate bar, we feel we’ve done just that.”

Unfortunately, the bar was only open for one day, with last orders at 5pm.


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