CM City: Jerusalem


Vital Facts and Numbers
Country: Israel
Currency: Israeli New Shekel
Dialling Code: +972
Emergency Number: 100 (police) 101 (medical service)

Where To Stay

The American Colony Hotel
… for a chance to delve into Jerusalem’s rich past in a place that specialises in quality. Add your name to a guest list that includes Laurence of Arabia, Winston Churchill, Bob Dylan, Uma Thurman and Mikhail Gorbachev.


Address: 1, Louis Vincent St, Jerusalem, 97200
Telephone: +972 2-627-9777

Inbal Hotel Jerusalem
… for a hotel that is on the doorstep of the city’s great history and traditions, walking distance from the main tourist attractions, shopping areas and unique and memorable historical sites.


Address: Liberty Bell Park, 3 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem 92145
Telephone: +972 2-675-6666

Waldorf Astoria
… for contemporary style in the heart of the ancient city to experience outstanding service, luxurious rooms and fine dining.


Address: Gershon Agron St 26-28, Jerusalem, 9419008
Telephone: +972 2-542-3333

Where To Eat

Adom Restaurant
… for a great meal in what has been one of the city’s most popular restaurants for over 10 years.


Address: David Remez St 4, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: +972 2-624-6242

The Eucalyptus
… for an award winning modern interpretation of biblical cuisine, locally grown in the surrounding hills of Jerusalem and Judea.


Address: Felt, 14 Hativat Yerushalayim st., Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 94117
Telephone: +972 2-624-4331

… for a meal at one of Jerusalem’s trendiest restaurant, home to the winners of Israel’s Iron Chef show, serving happy food in a unique dining experience right next to its namesake market.

OD-AV404_JCJERU_P_20130130140705Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 17.43.53

Address: Mahneyuda, Beit Ya’akov St 10, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: +972 2-533-3442

What To Do

Jerusalem ATV Adventure
… for a chance to explore the hills of Jerusalem and the Judea regions with an off road tour for adventure seekers of all types and experience levels.


Address:Derech Haim A. Kulits, Jerusalem, 9640801, Israel
Telephone:+972 2-509-9418

Jerusalem Puzzle Quest
… for a challenging puzzle that is fun for the whole family.


Address: 28 General Pierre Koenig, Talpiot, Jerusalem
Telephone: +972 2-54712-1656

Visit Jerusalem’s Holy Sites
… for a chance to appreciate the historical importance of the city, home to three major world religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity.


Temple Mount is an ancient elevated platform. At its centre, is the Islamic shrine Dome of the Rock, built in 691, and Islam’s Third Holiest Site as it marks Abraham’s offering of Ishmael as well as the Prophet Mohammed’s heavenward ascent.


The Mount of Olives is most widely known as a Jewish Cemetery. It is also home to many important sites for Christians and Muslims as Mary’s Tomb, the Church of Maria Magdelene, the Tomb of Zechariah and the Garden of Gethsemane are located there. In the Islamic faith, it is believed that a bridge with seven arches will be suspended from the Mount of Olives to Temple Mount, home of the Dome of the Rock.


The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a holy site for Catholics and Orthodox Christians as it marks the site of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, his burial and resurrection.

via dolorosa, jerusalem, israel

Via Dolorosa is the street Jesus walked along when making his way from the place of Pontious Pilate to the site of his crucifixion in Golgotha. It is the most sacred Christian byway in the world. Via Dolorosa means “way of sorrows”.

Western Wall

The Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, is one of the holiest sites in Judaism. The Wall forms a part of the western side of the holy site, Temple of the Mount. The wall is what is left of Jerusalem’s Second Temple, destroyed in 70 CE. Despite the destruction of the temple,  Jews believe that the divine presence of the temple never left attracting many Jews from around the world who pray at the site and leave prayer notes.


The Zion Gate connects the Old City to Mount Zion, a sacred site for Christians and Jews. The Tomb of King David and the room of the Last Supper are all located there. The Dormition Abbey is also on Mount Zion, where by Catholic tradition, the Virgin Mary fell into eternal sleep.


With the Family

Bloomfield Science Museum
… for a day of learning with a twist, to awaken curiosity and and deepen you and your family’s understanding of science and technology.

SandBrickBox-FIJ800px-PikiWiki_Israel_5054_Science_Museum_in_Jerusalem862572500OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Address: Sderot HaMuze’onim, Jerusalem, 91904, Israel
Telephone: +972 2-654-4888

On Business

The Israeli government plays a large role in the economy of the city, generating a large number of jobs. There are also a variety of subsidies and incentives available for new business initiatives and start ups in Jerusalem.

Time Magazine picked Jerusalem as one of five emerging tech hubs in the world in April 2015, saying “The city has become a flourishing centre for biomed, cleantech, Internet/mobile start ups, accelerators, investors and supporting service providers.” In 2006, the tech industry provided 12,000 jobs in the city, a number that has risen since. Intel, Cisco, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, IBM, Mobileye and Johnson and Johnson are just some of a longer list of international companies who have research and development centres in the city.

Jerusalem has a higher than average proportion of the population employed in education (17.9% compared to 12.7%), health and welfare (12.6% compared to 10.7%), community and social services (6.4% compared to 4.7%), hotels and restaurants (6.1% compared to 4.7%) and public administration (8.2% compared to 4.7%). Only 2.2% of Jerusalem’s land is zoned for industry and infrastructure. The proportion of the Jerusalem workforce working in manufacturing is half the national average.

Central Tourist Office
Official Israel Ministry of Tourism Tourist Information Centres
Address: Jaffa Gate, Omar Ibn Katab Square in the Old City, Jerusalem
Telephone: +972 2-628-0403 | +972 2-627-1422 | +972 2-626-0576
Opening hours: Sat-Thurs 0830am – 0500pm Fri 0830am – 0100pm



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