Mikkeller and Friends, Denmark

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø went from being a high school maths and physics teacher to a critically acclaimed exporter of brewed beer to over 40 different countries and owns one of our favourite bars in Copenhagen.

Whilst studying to become a teacher, Mikkel started working at a local cafe where he was introduced to foreign beers like Chimay and Hoegarden. There, he developed a taste for foreign drops and founded a beer club with friends where they tasted and rated different types of beers.


After Mikkel began teaching, he got the idea to brew beer himself, and enlisted the help off childhood friend Kristian Keller. The duo began conducting ‘physics experiments’ with malt, hops and yeast in their home kitchens. Mikkel and Keller took inspiration from micro brewed American beer and picked up some of their techniques, including grinding malt in the basement of their apartment complex. After getting some positive feedback from friends, the duo decided to create beers for public consumption as opposed to just private gatherings, winning several medals in home brewing contests at the national Danish Beer Festival.


In the beginning of 2005, Mikkel’s twin brother Jeppe opened a beer shop and began distributing Mikkeller’s beer. The beer and the stories of their experiments became increasingly popular globally, achieve true international success when Mikkel and Keller’s idea of adding French press coffee to an oatmeal stout, ‘The Beer Geek Breakfast’, was voted number one stout on the international beer forum at Ratebeer.com.

At the start of 2007, Keller left Mikkeller to pursue a career as an editor of Soundvenue, a Danish music magazine, leaving Mikkel to continue on his own and take Mikkeller to another level.


Mikkel joined forces with two of his former students to open the Mikkeller and Friends bar in March 2013. Mikkeller and Friends has an incredible selection of beers, with no less than 40 taps, and is the only bar outside of the United States to serve Three Floyd’s draught beer.



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