The Blue Grotto, Italy

The Blue Grotto is a Sea Cave on the coast of Capri, an island in Southern Italy. The Grotto gets its name from the beautiful blue colour that illuminates the cavern. This is caused by sunlight that reflects through an underwater cavity and shines through the sea water.

Capri-Blue-Grotto20140504-_ALL1638-Edit (1)

Other than the beautiful blue colour, many guests are amazed by the grotto as it is known to play tricks on the eyes. For example, items placed in the water often appear silver due to bubbles that surround the objects reflecting light.


In order to get into The Blue Grotto, visitors have to lie flat in the bottom of a 4 person row boat, and can only be done when the sea is calm and there is a low tide as the entrance is approximately one meter high and two metres wide.


Capri however, is more than just the Grotto. The whole island is an amazing holiday destination and is filled with many wonderful paths and trails with gorgeous views around every corner. If you’d prefer a bird’s eye perspective, take the Monte Solaro Chairlift, up to the summit of the island’s mountain. It only takes 12 minutes.


Capri has a lot to offer anyone who visits, contact us at Caxton Manor for more details or to organise a trip!



5 thoughts on “The Blue Grotto, Italy

    1. Thank you so much, thats really kind! I had a brief look through your blog and it looks amazing. I visited China (Beijing and Xi’an) when I was still in school and had such a lovely time, it is easy to see why you love it there 🙂

      1. Hiya Caxton > I would have liked to have seen China when you did. I bet there were fewer high rises then. Hey ho! Thanks for the follow and your kind words >> Look forward to catching up with your posts.

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