Le Quartier Français, South Africa

So we eat out a lot. I mean A LOT! Photographic evidence of this can be seen if you trace a timeline. We decided to be more sensible this year by following one basic rule. Just because we order everything on the menu, doesn’t mean we have to eat everything on the menu. It worked successfully and with our sensible outlook being fail safe, we wandered down to Le Quartier Français in Franschhoek, one hour away from Capetown; where we cosied down to a lovely dinner in ‘The Common Room’ the less fine dining but no less gourmet food outpost, spear headed by none other than the charming, talented and formidable Margot Janse.
The dinner started sensibly enough with a beautiful carrot and garlic cold soup. We ordered quite a few dishes from the tapas style menu and decided that a couple spoonfuls of the soup would be ample to start us on our culinary journey. We had half the bowl and stopped, which was unbelievably hard to do. Same happened again with the duck rillette. We were slightly worried that we were eating more than we had anticipated but also happy that we were at least stopping. Unfortunately that was short lived.

The rest of the dishes ordered, the lamb, sweet corn, pork, the ox tail and bacon crumble (oh my hat, the ox tail and bacon crumble!) vanished before our eyes as we sent back empty plate after empty plate and then caught ourselves thinking about more dishes to order.  Luckily, we had a wine break in between to sample the best reds Franschhoek had to offer, which, while good for us, was like going through withdrawal. Luckily, we had the Syrah and Pinot Noir to keep our palettes company.

Resistance and sense returned and after ordering a cheeky dessert (we said we were TRYING to be sensible, not that we actually were!) then we finished our meals and headed back to our rooms with one conclusion.

While you think picking great meal choices in a restaurant by a talented chef is the secret to a great culinary journey; the reality is, regardless of what you pick, the culinary journey will always be led by the chef and with Margot, we have been on an unbelievable adventure. Every once in a while, not often, the expanding derriere is worth it.

We are excited to see what her fine dining outfit ‘The Tasting Room’ has in store tomorrow. For now, we are off to lie down…

For more deliciousness visit: http://www.lqf.co.za/

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